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Tom Arnold and Owen Benjamin star in this original web series about a professional heckler from Montana University, and his lifelong quest to badger his way to infamy. Chance Stevens (Benjamin) exceeds at shouting insults during sporting events, and rightly so, since he's been taught by the best. A bartender who's detractive barking is the stuff of legend, Chance's uncle Lou (Tom Arnold) has a tongue like a razor blade; he can cut a man in half just by opening his mouth. In each episode of Heckle U, Chance and his uncle Lou sit down with sexy reporter Amanda Marsh (Katie Cleary) to offer thoughtful lessons in heckling, and discuss the finer points of being a professional heckler. From the power of the well-placed jibe to methods of overcoming Heckler's Block, and the road to the championship game, no topic is off limits as Chance and Lou reflect back on their favorite moments in heckling history. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi