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Johnny Cash scored one of his first singles in 1956 with "Folsom Prison Blues", and the song branded Cash with the indelible image of an outlaw who knew the price of living on the wrong side of society. By 1968, Cash was still a star, but he was a man with sometime to prove as he sought to rise from a career slump brought on by a battle with drugs that took a toll on his body and spirit. That year, Cash performed a concert for the inmates of California's Folsom Prison, and the show was recorded for a live album. Cash delivered one of the greatest performances of his life that day, stark and heartfelt and full of empathy for the broken souls listening to his music, and the album that resulted was a surprise hit, reestablishing Cash as one of country music's most powerful and respected artists. Filmmaker Bestor Cram offers an in-depth look at Cash's famous Folsom Prison show and the people who helped to make it possible in the documentary Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, which combines recordings of the show with rare still photos and interviews with Cash's friends, colleagues and bandmates. Originally created for a bonus DVD included with an expanded reissue of Cash's landmark album, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison also played the film festival circuit, including a screening at the 2009 Cinequest Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi