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A dark cloud of death descends upon a small town when a swarm of genetically modified wasps take to the sky in this sci-fi shocker featuring A Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund. Devin Hall (Sebastien Roberts) has seen his fair share of hostile insects. An exterminator who specializes in ridding the world of household pests, Devin gets the fright of his life when he witnesses a homeless man attacked by a swarm of particularly aggressive wasps. Convinced that something sinister is afoot, the rattled exterminator enlists the aid of new Deputy Sheriff Jane Kozik (Sarah Allen) and associate professor of entomology Katherine Randall (Jayne Heitmeyer) in stopping the swarm before it gets stronger. Later, when Jane's curious daughter Kelsey strikes up a conversation with eccentric wasp keeper Eli (Englund), an already troubling situation becomes absolutely terrifying. It seems that the mutant wasps are turning their victims into drones. Is there any hope of stopping this government-created weapon before everyone in Black Stone becomes human incubators for the next wave, or has the initial swarm already grown too powerful to defeat by conventional means? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi