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This very short-lived series was later cited by TV Guide as one of the worst American sitcoms ever produced. It starred Peter Kastner as Timothy Blair, a young man desperately in love with an English ingénue named Julie Renfield (Patricia Brake). Timothy landed in hot water when his brother, the professional photographer Gene Blair (Garry Marshall!) was assigned to shoot pictures of west coast hippies for a London magazine; in a moment of complete catastrophe, the images were accidentally destroyed, so the desperate Gene convinced Timothy to dress in drag and pose for some photos as female model "Timmie" Blair. The Brits liked the photographs so much that they immediately summoned Tim to fly to the UK and headline a modeling assignment, a la Twiggy. Timothy agreed, for it gave him an excuse to be geographically close to Julie, but he soon found himself juggling dual lives - one as her suitor, the other as an incognito female impersonator. U.S. audiences didn't buy either, and the series tanked after four months. Marshall, of course, went on to be a successful television producer and movie director, but Kastner never quite lived down the ignominy associated with this series; it effectively ruined his career and made it extraordinarily difficult for him to get film or television work. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi