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What does a gal have to do to convince the world she's a super hero? In this comic animated short, Janet Sancy (voice of Treisa Gary) is a seemingly ordinary housewife juggling housework and children when, while doing the ironing one morning, she makes a startling discovery -- she has super-human powers and speed and strength, and is impervious to pain. While Janet is excited by this notion, not everyone else feels the same way -- her husband Mick (voice of Christopher Carrington) has little interest in being married to a costumed crime-fighter, and the caped crusaders of the Hall of Super Justice are certain Janet's new talents are just a trick of adrenaline. Undaunted, Janet assumes a new secret identity as "Lady Adrenaline," but she has a hard time finding glamorous crimes to solve and instead finds herself chasing down litterbugs and graffiti artists, while her husband thinks her new super-hero outfit is sexy but hardly intimidating. Woman's Work was an official selection at the American Film Institute's 2008 AFI Fest. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi