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Reportedly adapted from the harrowing real-life experiences of Geoff Thompson (a doorman in Coventry, England), Neil Thompson's Clubbed pulls the audience into the deranged and increasingly violent realm of the club scene in 1980s Britain. The tale begins in the present day, with factory worker Danny (Mel Raido), experiencing prolonged marital estrangement from his wife, Angela (Maxine Peake). The narrative then flashes back to the '80s, when Danny makes the ill-advised decision to tote his young daughters to a brutal working-men's club -- and gets promptly jumped and beaten by henchmen of the crime boss Lord Billy Hennessy (Ronnie Fox). Reeling from the humiliation and suffering of this experience, Danny first attempts suicide, then does an about-face and opts to fight back by training as a boxer and taking a job as a bouncer at a local nightclub. Lo and behold, as it turns out, two of the men with whom Danny trained, Sparky (Scot Williams) and Rob (Shaun Parkes), not only have direct ties to Hennessy but opposing ties -- one is letting Billy's drug dealers in, the other attempting to keep them out. As Hennessy watches the curtain unveiled before his eyes on the men's doings, it sets off a chain of nasty and ugly retributions that ultimately culminate with Danny wresting control of the situation and engaging in violent action against Hennessy's goons. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi