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A recent parolee with two strikes against him attempts to avoid getting twenty-five to life by taking the straight and narrow and reconnecting with his estranged daughter in this drama from director Frank Nunez. Sentenced to three years for his involvement in an attempted murder, Tony serves his time and vows never to make the same mistakes again. Tony realizes that as an ex-convict the odds will be stacked against him when he's finally paroled, but when the help of his probation officer he remains optimistic about his future on the outside. But landing a job isn't easy when you've got a criminal record, and the fact that Tony's ex-wife has denied him visitation rights with their daughter makes turning over a new leaf a particularly painful process. As the streets come calling, Tony realizes that by going back to his former ways, he could be setting himself up for a devastating strike out. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi