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Clocking in at a staggering four hours and eighteen minutes, this extensive look at the making of Rob Zombie's Halloween was originally included as a bonus feature in the three disc, unrated collector's edition release of the film, and is comprised almost entirely of previously-unreleased material. From location scouting to final cut, viewers are invited to follow along as Zombie and his fearless crew set out to remake John Carpenter's seminal slasher film. Behind the scenes footage of the actors between takes allows genre fans a chance to see star Malcolm McDowell goofing-off with fellow cast-members Udo Kier, Brad Dourif, and Tom Towles, while footage of the sets being constructed offers an insider's perspective on innovative Hollywood filmmaking techniques. Interviews with the cast and crew are scattered throughout, offering a comprehensive look at the production from virtually every perspective imaginable. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi