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Pedro Zamora gave the world a glimpse into the life of someone who is HIV-positive when he was on Real World: San Francisco. Watch the movie that was inspired by Pedro's story.

Sharing His Story

Get to know Pedro Zamora, the inspiration behind "Pedro: The Movie."

Pedro's Message

Former President Bill Clinton shares his thoughts on Pedro's work.

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Alex Loynaz stars as earnest Real World cast-member Pedro Zamora in this intimate biopic tracing the HIV-positive immigrant's rise from humble roots to becoming one of the most instantly recognizable HIV/AIDS activists in the United States as a result of his high profile role on MTV's pioneering reality television series. In 1992, The Real World made its debut on MTV, forever altering the definition of the term "celebrity," and providing a sympathetic face to the growing AIDS crisis for the millions of Americans who had yet to meet someone suffering from the devastating autoimmune disorder. Born the youngest child in a close-knit Cuban family, Zamora arrived in the United States as part of the 1980 Mariel boatlift. His mother died when he was just thirteen, the pain of the loss prompting the already promising student to hit the books even harder. Three short years and numerous bouts of unprotected sex later, Zamora discovered that he was HIV-positive after donating blood to the Red Cross. It was a crushing blow to the ambitious young student, though one that would unexpectedly give his life new meaning as well. As an activist and educator, Zamora longed to get his message to as many people as possible - and what better medium to do so than television? The producers were quick to recognize Zamora's eagerness to participate in the Real World as well as his openness when it came to discussing his illness, and quickly invited him to join the cast. Not many folks have the opportunity to shine in the spotlight, though Zamora made the most of his fifteen minutes of fame by using it to enlighten and inform those who were still ignorant to the threat posed by the increasingly indiscriminate disease that was once thought only to affect only homosexuals. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


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