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Cassie Whitman (Roma Downey) is at first relieved that her husband David (William Russ) has survived a deadly plane crash. But as the comatose David recuperates, Cassie learns a few things that will seriously jeopardize the future of her marriage. For one thing, David's travelling companion the plane (who was killed in the crash) was his mistress, with whom he been secretly seeing for eight years. For another, the "other woman" had a child by David, named Erica (Kristina Malota). Will Cassie forgive, forget and take Erica to her heart, or will she give both her husband and his child the bum's rush? This highly rated TV movie offers a rare opportunity to hear Roma Downey playing a role without her inherent Irish accent, and she meets the challenge quite well. A Test of Love debuted December 1, 1999 on CBS. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi