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The plot of the futuristic made-for-TV thriller Killer Deal is predicated on the notion that a world-wide economic collapse in 2009 AD will utterly wipe out the Middle Class in America. In this not-so-brave new world, the rich and privileged Upper Class lives in Parkland, a luxurious walled community, while the Lower Class starves in the ruins of "Oldtown." With absolutely no jobs available, the poor are left with but one opportunity to escape their lot: to voluntarily donate their vital organs to the wealthy, who have bought into an organization known as "Eternity Life." The donors are provided with $10 million, which they can spend any way they wish in the 30-day period before their bodies are dissected, while their families are permitted to live in Parkland permanently. One of the few non-rich non-donors residing in the community is police sergeant James Quinn (Rick Rossovich), who is allowed to do so because of his past heroics. Unfortunately, the lives of Quinn and his family are placed in jeopardy when the elderly creator of "Eternity Life" desperately needs an organ donor to survive. Fleeing from Parkland, Quinn learns the hard way that the so-called "voluntary" donors are anything but! Originally telecast on March 25, 1999 as part of UPN's "Nightworld" movie series, Killer Deal has been released abroad as Nightworld: Parkland. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi