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Rosario Dawson and Justin Hartley star in a series of fifty web shorts set in the not-too-distant future, and tracing the war between a race of artificial life forms dubbed "Simulant" and the covert agency charged with eliminating them at all costs. Anna Diaz (Dawson) is an undercover NYPD vice cop who was attempting to solve the mystery of her fiancee's murder when she became drawn into the top-secret war between man and machine. As an undercover vice cop, Diaz was always reluctant to let down her guard with strangers. But there was something different about Nick Korda (Hartley that made Anna feel as if she could trust him from the very moment they first met. Perhaps it was the fact that Nick swept Anna off to Paris and asked for her hand in marriage that made him seem too good to be true. Anna was still attempting to discover if Nick was truly the man she believed him to be when he was suddenly murdered right before her eyes. Later, after discovering that Nick was in fact a bioengineered life form with ties to a mysterious organization known as the Gemini Division, Anna makes it her personal mission to discover exactly what the Gemini Division has to do with a global conspiracy involving clandestine military operations, and a strange series of top-secret genetic experiments. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi