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A renowned physician researching the powers of a rare Amazonian flower said to separate the self from the soul finds his experiment with the psychotropic plant coinciding with a series of sadistic murders in this updating of the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson. Upon learning of a rare flower rumored to give life to man's "Dark Self" Dr. Henry Jekyll begins conducting the research that could provide a monumental breakthrough in contemporary psychology. But each time Dr. Jekyll ingests the plant another person turns up dead, leading him to believe that his "Dark Self" is slowly coming into its own. Realizing that the only way out of his predicament is to throw himself at the mercy of the court and finally be put out of his misery, the tormented physician hires a compassionate attorney known for taking on lost causes. Her case for mental imbalance is convincing enough to get Dr. Jekyll locked away for life in an asylum, but while the good doctor may be safely locked away his murderous alter-ego somehow roams free. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi