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Quentin Jones, Kathrine Bates, Kyle Gass, Felissa Rose, and Zack Ward headline this dark tale of psychological torment from novelist/screenwriter Harry Shannon and first time feature filmmaker Yossi Sasson. Jack Wade (Jones) is an actor whose overbearing wife Frankie (Katrine Bates) never let him wander too far out of sight. But Frankie has fallen into a deep coma, and the couple's finances have finally run dry. All this couple has left in the world is an isolated cabin nestled deep in the mountains - a cabin where a man once slaughtered his entire family. Now the caged husband who was never left for wanting will be forced to become his wife's sole caregiver, and he'll have to do it in a dilapidated cabin with a dark history. Save for the eccentric redneck father and son who live down the road, there aren't too many neighbors in this remote neck of the woods, a fact that renders lonely soul Jack something of a fish out of water. The only human connection he has is with local Constable Kate Eidson (Gillian Shure), an Iraq War veteran who won't even carry a gun due to the trauma she suffered on the battlefield. Later, Jack begins to think he's losing his mind when he sees Frankie get up and start moving around the cabin - her crude behavior and vicious taunts wearing his already fragile psyche increasingly thin. Eventually, Jack decides that Frankie must die. When Frankie proves unwilling to oblige, Jack begins to wonder whether she's some kind of monster, the cabin is haunted, or he has finally, truly, lost his mind. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi