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Three weary travelers are hunted by a clan of inbred psychopaths looking for a lady to carry on the family name in this backwoods shocker featuring Leprechaun star Warwick Davis. Few people have ever been to the tiny hamlet of Grockelton, and most who drop in are never seen again. Grockelton isn't on any official maps, and the only people who live there are the mysterious Landlord and his genetically questionable minions - chief among whom are a cockeyed marksman named Pooch and a gasoline-guzzling half-wit named Dobbin. The Landlord and his boys all reside in Beesley Manor, and the times when visitors come knocking are few and far between. When a pair of males accompanied by a lovely lady arrive in Grockelton looking for directions to the next town, the Landlord plots to make the men his trophies, and the lady his bride. Unless, that is, these three are smart enough to beat the nefarious Landlord at his own game. . ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi