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Sex and mistaken identity make for strange bedfellows in this comedy from writer and director Carl Haber. Jim Johnson (Jeffrey Joseph) is an American musician who has traveled to the Czech Republic for a gig. Jim is met at the airport by a beautiful woman named Veronika (Kiara Issova), though since they don't speak a common language it takes a while for Jim to figure out why this woman is so eager to spend time with him. As it happens, Veronika is taking the place of her friend Lucy (Klara Apolenarova), a hooker who had agreed to meet a randy American tourist; while Veronika has no experience as a prostitute, she needs to raise money to bail her boyfriend Vaclav (Hynek Cermak) out of jail. As it happens, Jim seems happy but puzzled to encounter Veronika because he's not the man she was supposed to meet; another American named Jim Johnson (Nick Mancuso) arrives the same day looking for sex, and ends up hooking up with jazz fan Sonya (Daniela Choderova), who believes she's met the musician from the States. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi