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A man is given a chance to live out his greatest dream in exchange for committing a capital crime in this offbeat black comedy. Antonio (Ivano Marescotti) has spent most of his professional life working behind the front desk of a hotel as a clerk, and he's struggled for years to put a little money away while supporting his wife (Silvia Cohen) and their two kids, with little success. Antonio's great dream is to move to England and open an upscale Italian restaurant in London, but given his financial situation, he's begun to doubt it will happen in his lifetime. Opportunity presents itself in a very unusual form -- Raniero (Teco Celio) a wealthy and eccentric gentleman who has grown bored with his privileged existence. Raniero is looking for someone to kill him, and is willing to handsomely reward anyone willing to take on the assignment. Raniero approaches Antonio, believing destiny has chosen Antonio to be his angel of death, but even if it will help him open his restaurant, Antonio isn't about to kill anyone. However, Raniero is not to be denied, and he and his underlings do everything they can to force his hand. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi