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A girl learns that talent doesn't always trump one's station in life in this period drama from Morocco. Oud L'Ward (Sanaa Alaoui) is a young woman who is sold into slavery near the dawn of the 20th Century. Along with Dow Sbah (Hanane Zouhdi), Oud has become the property of a wealthy landowner (Mohamed Miftah) who is also a talented musician. Oud's master soon discovers she can play the lute, and he begins giving her lessons on the instrument. Oud reveals herself to be a virtuoso instrumentalist, which pleases her master since slaves with musical talent fetch more in the marketplace. Before long, Oud develops an impressive reputation for her skill with the lute, but her master becomes disenchanted when he realizes her talent and fame has outstripped his own. One night, Oud's master rapes her during a fit of rage, and she becomes pregnant; Fdila (Touria Jabrane), who looks after housekeeping, has never cared for Oud, and sees an opportunity to punish the girl when she forces Oud to have an abortion, which has grim consequences for the young musician. The Lost Beauty was originally released in Morocco and other Middle Eastern territories as Oud l'Ward. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi