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Among the TV luminaries rushing to fill the creative chasm opened by the Hollywood writers' strike of 2008 was Oprah Winfrey, whose contribution to the cause was the weekly reality series Oprah's Big Give. Each episode featured ten contestants who, after being divided into teams, were handed huge amounts of money and resources. Their mission was to use their newly acquired riches exclusively to benefit other people, via charity, social-service programs and other "good works." The contestants travelled throughout the country to share their wealth, sometimes assisted by celebrities. There was also one "big twist" per episode, designed to test the generosity and stamina of the contestants to the utmost. A panel of judges consisting of master chef Jamie Oliver, charity organizer Malaak Compton-Rock (the wife of comedian Chris Rock) and NFL star Tony Gonzalez), would determine the winner, or "Biggest Giver", of the competition, whereupon the winner would have his or her fondest wish granted--with a surprise cash award thrown in the bargain. Coproduced by Bertram Van Munster of Amazing Race fame, Oprah's Big Give debuted March 2, 2008 in the Sunday-night ABCtimeslot normally reserved for Desperate Housewives. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi