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A successful 80s music producer turned wealthy stockbroker is drawn out of is longtime funk by a classically trained dancer who reignites his passion in life in director Fred Williamson's gritty psychological drama. Ricardo French (Richard Brooks) has long fallen out of the limelight. His days as a flashy musical producer are but a distant memory, and these days recovering alcoholic Ricardo directs most of his energy into staying sober. Richard has grown detached, but that all starts to change when he meets Lexie (Cindy Herron Braggs). Lexie is a classically trained dancer who has been forced into servitude for shady nightclub owner Rashid (Ice-T). The moment Richard sees Lexie take the stage, he's inspired again. Not only does he go back to writing music, but he makes it his mission to prove that he can still pen an undisputed hit. Yet as Richard makes his way back to the top, Lexie is being pulled beneath the undertow by the abusive ex-husband who's threatening to take her daughter away. Will these two lost souls be able to meet on a common ground, or are they destined to remain two passing ships in the night? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi