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A man's inability to prevent his girlfriend from dying in a vicious attack festers into an all-consuming hunger for revenge that threatens to destroy both his own life and the lives of the ones he cares for most in director Josef Fares' introspective revenge drama. Leo and his girlfriend Amanda were on their way home from his thirtieth birthday party when they were violently attacked by two strangers. While Leo managed to escape relatively free from harm, Amanda was shot during the course of the altercation and died in the hospital shortly thereafter. Subsequently feeling completely powerless and unable to deal with the profound loss, Leo proves incapable of preventing his grief from morphing into something far more insidious. Though his friends do their best to try and steer him off of this self-destructive path, nothing they can say proves helpful in slowing his heart-rending cycle of hate and despair. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi