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James Remar and Melvin Van Peebles headline this relentlessly tense tale of a special ops sniper who reluctantly accepts one final mission before disappearing into retirement. Dillon (Remar) is a special ops sharpshooter extraordinaire - the kind of triggerman who could take out a Tic Tac at twenty yards without so much as using his scope. But now that Dillon has experienced his fair share of the war game, he's about to hang up his rifle for good. Just as he's preparing to disappear into obscurity, however, Dillon learns that some very bad people are attempting to obtain some very volatile nuclear materials. Suddenly, an ambitious terrorist plot goes unexpectedly awry, and the man who was supposed to stop it is now at the center of a deadly conspiracy. Will Dillon be able to unravel the explosive mystery that could bring about his death, or is he playing right into the hands of the powers that be. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi