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Whisked away by his friends for a weekend of drinking and debauchery after being ditched at the alter by the love of his life, a would-be groom must fight for his life when he's singled out for satanic sacrifice in this grisly throwback shocker featuring Betsy Baker of Evil Dead fame. It's Halloween, the one night of the year when the supernatural realm opens up and the full moon lights a path for restless spirits to cross over into our world. It was supposed to be the first day of the rest of Jim's life, but when his fiancée vanishes and his friends hatch a plan for a weekend canoeing trip, it may be the last sunset they ever see. When they first met those four beauties on the banks of the river, Jim and his pals couldn't believe their luck. Little do they realize that luck had nothing to do with their discovery, and when the full moon rises they will be offered up for sacrifice to Satan. With no place to run to and no one to hear their screams, the terrified men must now battle the forces of darkness on the night those forces are at the peak of their earthly powers. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi