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A young inventor struggling to protect his latest creation becomes convinced that he is the subject of a secret Russian spy ring in this thriller starring Malcolm in the Middle's Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Paul Lionette is a gifted young scientist who was betrayed by the people he trusted most. When Paul's unique ideas begin turning up in science journals credited to other inventors, the paranoid genius senses that the Russians, the major corporations, and even his own government are doing their best to discredit his efforts. But there's one invention that Paul hasn't told anyone about just yet: The Cube. Now, in order to protect what could be one of the greatest inventions in the history of humankind, the reclusive Paul will disappear into society in a desperate bid to throw off his malicious stalkers. In the process, Paul falls for a passionate local waitress who longs to experience life outside of her small-town confines. Paul's plan becomes unexpectedly complicated, however, when he is thrust into the spotlight after a shocking accident. Now, as Paul's once-predictable world becomes distorted into a paranoid circus funhouse where nothing is as it seems, the brilliant inventor is forced to make a series of impossible decisions just to stay alive. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi