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A mysterious artifact transforms the lovely ladies of Burbank, California into vicious, man-eating monsters in this schlock shocker from first-time writer/director Kirk Bowman. Legend has it that when explorers were traveling the Burbank Mountains back in 1774, they lost a mysterious artifact known as Angela's Jewel Box. Now, a group of ambitious archeology students have made it their mission to find Angela's Jewel Box and unlock its mysteries. But this isn't any ordinary artifact, because any female that opens it is instantly possessed by the overwhelming urge to eat men. Unfortunately Gary isn't aware of this part of the legend, so after finding Angela's Jewel Box and getting the cold shoulder from his girlfriend Samantha he gives it to her rival Janet in hopes that she will sleep with him. When Janet opens the box and attacks him, Gary somehow manages to escape and warn his friends. Unfortunately for the residents of Burbank it may already be too late, because the jewels have spilled out of the box and now every woman who comes into contact with them turns into a rampaging cannibal. Later, a mysterious drifter appears in Burbank on a mission to destroy the relic before the infection spreads beyond city limits. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi