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Middle-class mom Rose Earl (Kate Jackson) has always had an excellent relationship with her son Bobby (Drew Ebersole), but ever since he entered college (the first in his family to do so) they have been drifting apart. Blame for this rift could very likely be levied upon the "bad crowd" with whom Bobby is travelling. Rose's premonition that her son's new friends aren't the right kind of kids is aroused by several pungent clues, notably her son's sudden academic slump in his sophomore year, and his ever-growing fascination with firearms. Then one morning, the boy completely disappears--whereupon one of his "buddies" surfaces with the claim that Bobby is on the lam from the law. Rose doesn't buy this, and she intends to uncover the truth as to what happened to her son. Originally telecast January 28, 1997 on CBS, the made-for-TV What Happened to Bobby Earl? is based on a true story, the outcome of which is rather bluntly given away by the film's cable-TV rerun title Murder in a College Town. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi