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Another fact-based entry in the hard-hitting NBC "Moment of Truth" TV-movie series, The Accident revolves around three teenage girls, all lifelong friends: Lizzie (Bonnie Root), Janie (Marisa Rudiak) and Kate (Deanna Milligan). All three enjoy sneaking about and defying their parents, especially when it comes to drinking liquor. But where Janie and Kate limit themselves to wine, the troubled Lizzie is a heavy tippler, guzzling down vodka as if it was going out of style. At their pre-graduation party, Lizzie manages to get both Janie and Kate thoroughly smashed on booze. . .and then she hops in her car to drive Janie home. A horrible accident is inevitable--and though Lizzie escapes with only a mild concussion, Janie is killed outright. Tortured with guilt, and with both a court trial and the merciless wrath of Janie's vengeful mother on the horizon, Lizzie "solves" her problems by hitting the bottle harder than ever! Not surprisingly, the film contains several sobering lessons for its viewers, young and old alike; and while Lizzie is not let off the hook, much is made of the negative influences brought to bear by the adults in her life in the years prior to her tragic "moment of truth." The Accident originally aired on September 15, 1997. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi