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Actress Heather Locklear publicly stated that she hoped her bravura performance in the made-for-TV drama Shattered Mind would be a "career turner." Having endured an unhappy childhood from which she still carries unsavory secrets, young wife and mother Suzy (Locklear) goes completely around the bend after the death of her father. With her husband and two daughters looking on in helpless horror, the schizophrenic Suzy suddenly develops several alternate personalities--including a prostitute named Ginger, a frightened little girl named Bonnie, a haughty well-educated woman named Victoria, and even an abusive male teenager named D.J.! Though not exactly of Sybil caliber, Shattered Mind did manage to gain critical plaudits for star Locklear when it was first aired by NBC on May 27, 1996. Since that time, the film has been rerun on cable under the title The Terror Inside. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi