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A modern-day prodigal son, Isaiah Dockett (Rick Schroder) returns to his family farm in Nebraska after a six-year absence. Although he is welcomed back by his ailing mother Edith (Carroll Baker) and younger brother Jacob (Gabriel Mann), and is even able to platonically reconnect with his now-married former girlfriend Susan Doyle (Kim Dickens), Isaiah is unable to penetrate the wall of resentment that his taciturn and unforgiving father Arliss (Richard Crenna) has built around himself. Only when the farm is threatened by a raging flood are Isaiah and Arliss able to come to any sort of an understanding--but will it be permanent, or will it wash away once the waters have receded? Filmed in Alberta, the made-for-TV Heart Full of Rain first aired on October 5, 1997. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi