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Jack Wagner stars in this made-for-TV drama as Nick Rawlings, a Dallas-based commercial airline pilot with (to say the very least) a well-populated private life. But bluntly, Nick is a serial bigamist, with one wife named Jobeth (Shelley Hack) in Dallas and another named Alison (Joan Severance) in Chicago--and a young fiancée named Miriam (Nicole Eggert) in Hawaii. Though he has managed to keep the various women in his life from finding out about one another via a sophisticated system of high-tech subterfuge, Nick's chickens start coming home to roost when Jobeth begins wondering about a bill for a $9000 anniversary present which she has never received. Though based on a true story, the film ends on a note of comic irony that would not be out of place in a Billy Wilder picture! Frequent Flyer first aired March 10, 1996 on ABC. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi