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Based on a true story, the made-for-cable The Abduction is told in flashback from the viewpoint of Kate Finley (Victoria Principal), who for 11 years was trapped into an abusive marriage with former police officer Paul Olavsky (Robert Hays). Accustomed to violently taking out his frustrations on the long-suffering Kate, Paul finally goes to far when he rapes her, whereupon she divorces him--but makes the mistake of not pressing charges against him. Starting life anew, Kate gets a good job as a college assistant and enters into a warm and loving relationship with new boyfriend Dan Solano (Christopher Lawford). Unfortunately, Paul comes back into her life with a vengeance--and after a lengthy stalking campaign, he ends up kidnapping Kate at gunpoint, handcuffing her to his car, and leaving her to the mercy of the freezing weather as she slowly bleeds to death! The Abduction made itsLifetime Network debut on July 7, 1996. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi