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Produced for cable's Sci-Fi Channel, Alien Express makes up in speed what it lacks in production finesse. Among the passengers on the maiden trip of a new, streamlined "bullet train" is a collection of millionaires, presidential candidates and beauty contest winners--not to mention a band of eco-terrorists who plan to hijack the train as it streaks nonstop from LA to Vegas at 100 mph. Making matters worse, if such a thing is possible, the train has been invaded by lizardish space aliens, who multiply at an astonishing rate and have a nasty habit of spittig toxing goo at the passengers. And oh, have we mentioned the suicide bomber in the baggage car? Thank heaven that all-purpose detective Vic Holden (Lou Diamond Phillips) is on board to (hopefully) save everyone--including his estranged wife--from villains foreign, domestic and extraterrestrial. Alien Express originally aired on August 13, 2005. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi