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This made-for-TV movie is staged in the form of an ongoing news report, unfolding in "real time." The year is 2014, and the men and women of the Global News Network are covering the final two hours of the first manned space mission to Mars. Suddenly, before an audience of billions, things begin to go horribly awry: Eugene Slader (Keith Carradine), captain of the spaceship "Destiny", falls ill and the ship's computer malfunctions. But what seems to be an unavoidable tragedy is revealed to be a massive corporate conspiracy when a group of protesters "hijacks" the telecast with the intention of exposing the whole truth. In the tradition of the similar Special Bulletin, the film is capped by a surprise ending that is both shocking and eminently logical. Unfortunately, NBC chose to premiere Special Report: Journey to Mars on March 25, 1996, directly opposite ABC's Academy Awards telecast--meaning that probably the only people who saw it were the Martians (unless, they too, wanted to find out if Bravehart would beat out Apollo 13 for the Best Picture Oscar). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi