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By rights, Dr. Ken Garrett (Markus Flanagan) should consider himself lucky: He is the only member of a surgical team to keep his job after a child dies during an operation. Unfortunately, Garrett has been plunged into the depths of guilt and depression by the ordeal, forcing his wife Beth (Stephanie Zimbalist) to dust off her law degree and support her family by taking on medical malpractice cases. By what seems to be an amazing coincidence, Beth is hired to represent one of the nurses fired in the wake of the child's death. As the case progresses, a few unsavory facts are brought to surface suggesting that Beth's client may have an ulterior motive--and that somewhere along the line, two murders have been committed right under the noses of the authorities. The made-for-TV Malpractice was originally telecast on May 25, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi