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The fabulous Maureen O'Hara delivers another stunning performance in this made-for-TV movie, based on Todd F. Cope's short story "The Shift." O'Hara is cast as Helen Parker, the former high school teacher of nurse Todd Cope (Eric Stolz). Like many others in his professional, Todd is having trouble devoting equal time to his job and to his family, and as a result has lost touch with his wife Denise (Trini Alvarado). Working overtime at the hospital, Todd is reunited with Helen Parker, who is suffering from a serious heart condition. When it becomes obvious that Helen has no one else to look after her, Todd assumes the responsibility himself--while Helen, sizing up the situation between Todd and Denise, sets about to prevent the couple from throwing away the golden opportunities in their lives...just as she had, so many years before. The Last Dance premiered October 29, 2000 on CBS. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi