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When the government's number one assassin fails to complete a high profile mission, he must fight to the death to prove his mettle and avoid becoming a victim of his own murderous game in this explosive thriller that marks the acting debut of Pride Fighting champion Mirko "Cro-Cop" Filipovic. A highly decorated war hero and former tactical police officer, Axon Rey (Filipovic) is the perfect candidate to fight enemies of the state. Recruited by the Sanction Division of SATO (State Anti-Terrorist Organization) - an highly classified group of assassins who answer directly to SIN (State Intelligence Network) - Rey is given the nickname Sphinx before being trained in both martial arts and the latest in high tech government weaponry. Subsequently setting out into the field to defend American interests both at home and abroad, Sphinx quickly establishes himself as one of the most proficient killers the government has ever seen. Normally when such high-profile assassins fail to complete a mission they are instantly disposed of, yet despite the fact that Sphinx has failed to eliminate his most recent target, his fierce reputation earns him a highly valued second shot at life. Recognizing that the seasoned killer could still be of valuable service to his country, Sphinx's controller Janus sends the top assassin to a clandestine rehabilitation island known as Gulag 7. There, Sphinx will engage in a life or death battle against five other government operatives who have committed similar transgressions. Should Sphinx refuse, he will be executed on the spot; should he emerge victorious, Sphinx will survive to kill another day. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi