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An overweight social outcast coerced into confessing the murder of a classmate concocts a brilliant plan to prove his innocence and finger the real killer in this small-town thriller from director Gene Teigland. Arnolds Park is a resort town that relies on its popular amusement park to stay afloat. When a young girl is murdered in Arnolds Park, the crime is pinned on portly, socially awkward teen Francis Larson -- who just doesn't fit in with his classmates. Though innocent, Francis confesses to the crime. In the aftermath the town goes into an uproar, and Francis fakes a suicide with a little help from his rich, eccentric uncle Bobby. Now, in order to solve the crime, Francis will make a startling personal and physical transformation in order to return to the community undetected and bring the true culprit to justice. After Bobby purchases the "sacred" amusement park, Francis assumes the name Frank, returns to Arnolds Park, and sets his elaborate plan into motion. The first step he will take is striking up a relationship with his childhood crush Jackie Newmar. By getting closer to Jackie, Frank believes that he will also get closer to the killer. Later, after Bobby causes a major distraction and the town becomes abuzz with rumors that Francis' ghost has returned to seek vengeance, the mayor and sheriff combine their powers in an attempt to bring order to their once peaceful community as Frank moves ever closer to solving the complex homicide. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi