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Lo Wei spins this low-budget period epic featuring a young, deadly serious Jackie Chan. As the film opens, the Lei clan face extermination at the hands of a vengeful gang with magic powers called the "Killer Bees," who are bent on righting a 15-year-old wrong. Fearing for his pregnant wife's safety, Sau Lei (Chan) casts Chin-chin out of the house, accusing her of adultery. In the ensuing melee, most of Lei's kin are killed, but Lei's life is spared by Ting Tan-yen (Hsu Feng), the spiteful leader of the Killer Bees. As he hunts the hinterland looking for Chin-chin, Sau Lei joins the Dragon Escort clan and gets terribly injured defending the group's leader. Meanwhile, Chin-chin has taken up residence with the villainous Chin Chun, who leads the ruthless Bloody Rain group. When Chin Chun kills his boss, Sau Lei sets out for bloody revenge. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi