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If nothing else, the extremely shortlived Fox comedy series The Return of Jezebel James will make a nice answer to the trivia question "In what 2008 TV show did the title character never appear?" Indie-film favorite Parker Posey starred as Sarah Thomkins, a successful editor of children's books. Recently divorced and presently involved with with handsome business executive Marcus Sonti (Scott Cohen), Sarah wanted more than anything to have a baby, but the doctors had told her that she was unable to conceive. In desperation, Sarah sought out her long-estranged younger sister Coco (Lauren Ambrose) and asked her to be a surrogate mother. At first the freespirited Coco refused, but finally acquiesced when Sarah informed her that she had transformed "Jezebel James", Coco's childhood imaginary friend, into the heroine of a new series of kiddie books. In one fell swoop, the nonexistent Jezebel went from the wedge that had driven the sisters apart, to the link that brought them back together. Outside of the above mentioned actors, the only other series regulars of consequence were Ron McLarty as Sarah and Coco's dad Ronald and Michael Arden as Sarah's obsequious assistant Buddy. Quirky to the point of irritation, The Return of Jezebel James was cancelled three weeks after its debut on March 14, 2008. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi