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Originally titled The Rules for Starting Over, this Fox sitcom starred Craig Bierko) as 35-year-old financier Jack "Gator" Gately. Having gotten married right out of college, Gator was now divorced, and as such obliged to re-enter the "dating scene" that he'd barely been a part of in his bachelor days. Joining Gator in his pursuit of female companionship were his nerdy surgeon pal Freddy Sahgal (Shaun Majumber), likewise recently divorced, and funloving brewery owner Tommy (Johnny Sneed), who'd been married several times previously but had not given up his lifelong quest for the perfect mate. Also a member of this merry band of "unhitched" thirtysomethings was quick-witted Kate (Rashina Jones), recently dumped by her beau after a seven-year relationship. The humor arose from the fact that the protagonists were certainly not naïve in matters of everyday life, but were utterly clueless in the realm of romantic relationships; and oh, yes, there was an abundance of gross-out humor and sex jokes, hardly suprising inasmuch as the series was executive-produced by the inimitable Farrelly Brothers). Created by Mike Bernier and Chris Pappas), Unhitched debuted March 2, 2008. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi