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This sexually-tinged supernatural thriller involves the owner of an art gallery (Mark Hamill) who falls victim to the seductive and dangerous wiles of a coven of suburban witches -- the kind who brew their magic potions in the microwave -- when he enters a torrid affair with the smoldering Cassandra (Appolonia). When their relationship is threatened by a half-hearted devotion to his long-suffering girlfriend (Amanda Wyss), Hamill finds himself the tormented victim of a barrage of hexes, which run the gamut from horrific hallucinations to subversion of his will... and ultimately lead to madness and murder. This is a well-crafted film, but the potential for steamy eroticism is strangely underplayed for a film packaged as an "erotic thriller" -- no doubt due to an obvious lack of sexual chemistry between the two bed-wrestling leads. Perceptive viewers will probably beat the "surprise" climax to the punch. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi