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Brazilian director Lina Chamie's Portuguese-language comedy drama The Milky Way (AKA A Via Láctea, 2007) concerns a desperate Sao Paulo man named Heitor (Marco Ricca). Plagued by his three-year actress girlfriend Julia's (Alice Braga) decision to break off their relationship after a heated telephone argument - and by the growing conviction that he caused it - Heitor leaps into his car and begins a frantic drive across the city to reach the young woman and make amends. En route, Heitor not only runs headfirst into frustration when Murphy's Law throws one obstacle after another in his path, but reflects at length (in bittersweet flashbacks) on the vicissitudes of the relationship, and panics over the possibility that his perceived romantic "rival," stage actor Thiago (Fernando Alves Pinto) may be stealing Julia away from him at that very moment. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi