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Inspired (so the producers claimed) by the hit comedy film The Wedding Crashers, this zany reality show featured five improvisational performers who hired themselves out to betrothed couples wishing to make their weddings not only memorable but downright unforgettable. At the request of the bride and groom, the performers "crash" the wedding disguised as caterers, waiters, ministers, guests etc. The object was to see how far the actors could push the envelope as they disrupted the ceremony with weird costumes, spilled food, inappropriate comments, gratuitous insults, crazy dance steps and other such folderol, all captured by the obligatory hidden camera. At the end of each episode, the performers revealed who they really were, whereupon the members of the wedding party presumably either fell down laughing or chased the miscreants out of the house. Among the series' producers was comic actor Ashton Kutcher, late of That 70s Show. The Real Wedding Crashers crashed onto NBC's nighttime schedule beginning April 23, 2007. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi