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A successful young psychologist with a bright future on the horizon begins a dark descent into the most terrifying corners of her shattered psyche in director October Kingsley's lurid psychological thriller. On the surface, Dr. Anna Fugazzi's life couldn't be better; she's got a successful career, a devoted boyfriend, and a support system that's second to none. Somewhere between Anna's conscious and subconscious, however, lurks a devastating secret too awful to even imagine. In order to resolve this malevolent mystery, Anna will have to leave the safety net of her charmed life and travel back in time to the not-too-distant past. As Anna is haunted by dreadful hallucinations and strangely familiar voices, she begins to experience a vivid recurring dream that finds her repeatedly awakening in an unidentifiable white room. Now, the only way to escape the confines of this sterile lair is to journey inward and confront her lingering demons in a final, desperate bid to reclaim her slipping sanity. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi