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First time writer/director Matt Nourse explores the uncertainty of the time when true identities begin to emerge in this tale of four friends attempting to come to terms with the loss of a dear friend. Eddy is a vagabond musician. Though he still comes off as his usual brash self even after the incident, it's obvious that his pain runs deeper when he skips town and asks his friends to mourn in his place. But Eddy's got no place left to run, and it isn't long before he comes back home with his tail between his legs. Meanwhile, guitar maker Barron is about as happy with his own picture-perfect life as he is with Eddy's decision to abandon his friends during such a tumultuous time. Barron's wife Farah is growing tired of her life as well, and though she's as striking and tempestuous as ever, the former dancer just can't seem to move like she used to. The only member of the group who seems destined for greater things is gifted painter Chelsea, who's currently making plans to move away and pursue a career. When Eddy returns to town to discover that his friends seem to have lost any remaining sympathy and fondness they once felt towards him, he flees to the Pacific ocean on an inward journey to embrace the loss that he never truly mourned. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi