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An unconnected group of people find themselves drawn together at a haunted attraction on the side of a highway, only to realize that the very gates of hell await them inside. For years, Jerrod (Jude Hickey) has been haunted by nightmares that pit him against a group of hooded figures that chase him to death himself, which might just yet come true when he discovers the Necrophobia: Museum of the Demented and the Damned. At the same time, a young woman plans to search the bowels of the same attraction for her lost nephew just as two drunken DJs are about to do a live remote show inside the building for their radio station. As the group makes its way inside, all hell breaks loose in this low-budget horror flick full of chain saws, blood, gas masks, and plenty more lunacy from Texas' own Odyssee Pictures. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi