1. Russell Crowe
    (Robin Longstride)

  2. Cate Blanchett
    (Marion Loxley)

  3. Max von Sydow
    (Sir Walter Loxley)

  1. William Hurt
    (William Marshall)

  2. Mark Strong

  3. Matthew MacFadyen
    (Sheriff of Nottingham)

  1. Kevin Durand
    (Little John)

  2. Scott Grimes
    (Will Scarlet)

  3. Alan Doyle
    (Alan A'Dayle)

  1. Douglas Hodge
    (Sir Robert Loxley)

  2. Léa Seydoux
    (Isabella of Angoulême)

  3. Robert Pugh
    (Baron Baldwin)

  1. Gerard McSorley
    (Baron Fitzrobert)

  2. Velibor Topic

  3. Ciaran Flynn

  1. Simon McBurney
    (Father Tancred)

  2. Denise Gough
    (Village Mother)

  3. John Nicholas
    (Farmer Paul)

  1. Thomas Arnold
    (Captain of the Royal Barge)

  2. Pip Carter
    (Royal Equerry)

  3. Mark Lewis Jones
    (Stone Mason Longstride)

  1. Lisa Millett
    (Walter's Cook)

  2. Bronson Webb

  3. Stuart Martin

  1. Denis Menochet

  2. Jamie Beamish
    (Church Deacon)

  3. John Atterbury

  1. Luke Evans
    (Sheriff's Thug)

  2. Roy Holder
    (Gaffer Tom)

  3. Mark David
    (Baron Baldwin's Grandson)

  1. Ruby Bentall
    (Margaret Walter's Maid)

  2. Ned Dennehy

  3. Nicolas Simon
    (Slovenly French Cook)

  1. Jessica Raine
    (Princess Isabel of Gloucester)

  2. Steve Evets
    (Ragged Messenger)

  3. Eric Rulliat

  1. Abraham Belaga
    (King Philip's Aide)

  2. Jack Downham
    (Young Robin)

  3. Richard Riddell

  1. David Bertrand
    (French Captain)

  2. Arthur Darvill

  3. Giannina Facio

  1. Hannah Barrie
    (Woman at Bog)

  2. Lee Battle
    (Soldier Boy)

  3. Nicky Bell
    (Soldier Two)

  1. Andrea Ware
    (Little John's Wench)

  2. John O'Toole
    (Tom the Pig Man)

  3. Ralph Inneson

  1. Zuriel De Peslouan
    (French Informant)

  2. Jake Curran
    (Distinctive Man)

  3. Samuel Dupuy
    (French Flagship Captain)

  1. Nick Lucas

  2. Alan Charlesworth
    (Cardinal Roger)

  3. Lothaire Gerard
    (French Boy)

  1. Mat Laroche
    (Laughing French Soldier)

  2. Joseph Hamilton
    (Feral Child)

  3. James Hamilton
    (Feral Child)

  1. Oscar Isaac
    (Prince John)

  2. James Burrows
    (Feral Child)

  3. Danny Clarke
    (Feral Child)

  1. Tom Blyth
    (Feral Child)

  2. Danny Huston
    (King Richard)

  3. Eileen Atkins
    (Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine)

  1. Mark Addy
    (Friar Tuck)

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