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Three friends wrestle with issues of love and trust in director Joshua Cary's bittersweet look at the mysterious mating habits of the modern day male. Jeff and his girlfriend Abby may be involved in an open relationship, but these days it seems as if Abby is the only one taking advantage of that curious relationship clause. Fed up with his girlfriend's constant infidelity and shocked to discover that his mother has been cheating on his father, Jeff finds his day going from bad to worse when his good friend Flint - who just dumped his girlfriend due to her newfound penchant for granny panties - shows up looking for a place to stay. Later, after vowing to avoid the dating scene, Flint falls for the beautiful Sophie. Trouble arises, however, when Jeff learns a secret about Sophie's past that could prevent her and Flint's relationship from going to the next level. Meanwhile, wannabe psychic Gray becomes threatened by his girlfriend Reed's recent success in the art community. Of course each of these three friends have a wealth of valuable advice to dole out when pondering the lives of others, but what happens when the lonely urban soul is finally forced to make their own choices in love? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi