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Three notorious bank robbers on the run from the law and just one mile away from freedom find their daring escape unexpectedly complicated by the last wish of a dying man in a western that proves even lawless criminals can have a conscience. They've staged a daring hold-up and now they're headed for the Colorado border, but as the law closes in these three wanted criminals stumble across a horrific scene. Just one mile away from the border and certain freedom, a man lies clinging to life after being attacked by roving outlaws. With his dying breath, the man tells the three men that his wife has been kidnapped by the bandits and begs the men to rescue her before it's too late. Now, with the law fast closing in on them, three bad men have to decide what hold more value - the sacks of money on the back of their horses, or the honor of fulfilling a promise that will mean putting their riches, and perhaps their very lives, on the line. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi