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Neophyte writer-director Rafael Riera helms the rollicking direct-to-video comedy Bunny Whipped. Traveling in the footsteps of Blankman and Hero at Large , Riera brings us yet another masked crusader sans any superhuman powers. By day, he's Bob Whipple (Esteban Powell), sportscaster extraordinaire stuck in a dead-end existence; by moonlight, he's The Whip (also Powell), a generally helpless superhero nonetheless determined to bring the men to justice who rubbed out a white rap star. Bob's adventures soon bring him into close proximity with his high school flame, Anne (Chasing Amy's Joey-Lauren Adams) who tries to recruit him to help her save a bunch of endangered rabbits. He agrees, but - horror of horrors! - must face down the chief suspect in the rap star's murder when that shady character decides to kidnap Anne. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi